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July 20, 2005



Lassa, that's sweet. I have a feeling she was just wanting to touch base with you and was satisfied when she did.


I don't know what shes up to but it sounds fishy to me.Can it really be THAT easy?

True Jersey Girl

Is it really that easy? With my 19 month old, NO never seems to work!


OMG, that's funny. Kids glom onto the funniest things !


LOL...that's funny. I've never been in labor but what you described above made me want to hunch over and grab onto my abdomen area. EEEESHHH....Your daughter sounds like a cutie. :)


LOL - great story! i feel your pain both child birthing and the nails. finally the prom gets here...then is comes and goes, so do the nails. i paid for hollywood's (my now 15 y/o daughter) nails, hair, dress, shoes, makeup, and accessories...the day after the prom, she bit the nails off! homey won't fall for that trick again...


Good for you for not giving in. Make her wait till the prom.


Sweet story! You get that little hussy to call me and we will talk about proper nail etiquette, ok? ok.


That was easy!

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